Educated Cooking COVID-19 hygiene statment

Educated cooking is committed, as always, to have a safe and hygienic work place. With the worry about Coronavirus, we at Educated Cooking want to assure you of several measures we are taking to ensure the health of employees and our customers.

  1. Unfortunately, with the recommendation for social distancing from the government, all cooking classes are suspended until further notice.
  2. If I, Eleanor, chef/owner, or any prospective employee falls ill, all meal delivery services will be suspended and refunds available for anyone that already bought meals.
  3. Educated Cooking, under the name Watkins Food Consultancy, has a 5* rating by the Food Standards Agency.
  4. All deliveries will be dropped off at the front of people’s doors to ensure good distance between delivery personal and households to help maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be used before and after delivery drop offs. Delivery personal will wait at a distance to ensure clients pick up the meals to ensure they are not outside for any significant amount of time.

If clients have any questions about the protocol, please feel free to email questions to

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